March 4, 2010

No country for old men?

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My daily life is inspired by the sure and certain knowledge that psychopaths are well placed and energetically directing their will while “the best lack all conviction“.


I tweeted this a few minutes ago: “The Caveat” on persuasion > < Not 2hrs ago I commented on “Persuasion” at “Practical Democracy” > <

That got me thinking about basic principles.

I avoid teleology. But …

In the most perverse case, a good tradesman / craftsman / technician will deploy the wrong hardware in the wrong place to serve the wrong function, but deploy it well.

It’s like the difference between “precision” and “accuracy”; an answer can be extremely precise and totally wrong.

Unless activity is in-formed by a deep sense of praxis … unless practice and theory are tightly coupled, solutions can be wonderfully precise and even in some sense “effective” but all the while almost entirely beside the point. No better example than to get popular support for a policy by harnessing narrow self-interest and engaging personality politics.

Just sayin’ …

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