December 29, 2007

War strategies … for daily life?

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Who like to be manipulated? Okay, someone who thrives on receiving “strong leadership”. Coerced? Awww gee, okay, someone who’s into sadism, masochism, and bondage. Lied to? *silence* Even S&M fans anticipate that their “safe word” will be respected; even with “edge cases” there’s the assumption that some sort of social contract still obtains.

My contention is that the “war strategies” (such as spin) that are being insinuated into our daily lives (through marketing, commercial and political both) operate without that social contract, the “spin” presumes a pure zero-sum game, where gain is the single aim and the absolute arbiter, where the other human beings in our surround are viewed as objects that offer an opportunity to be exploited. In short: the tactic of “dehumanizing the enemy” now in-forms our mundane communications.

“The War Room: Political Strategies for Business, NGOs, and Anyone Who Wants to Win” (at google books) by Warren Kinsella

“The term war room, in political parlance, was coined by the team of U.S. strategists (specifically James Carville) who worked for Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign in the early 1990s. In a nutshell, a war room is a political command centre where a candidate’s strategists and media officers work to counter attacks by opponents while gathering research to mount an offensive in an ongoing, immediate fashion. Warren Kinsella’s The War Room profiles and analyzes some of the best political warriors and spinners around. [A] generous amounts of humour [delivers] a book about what it takes to survive challenges not just in politics but in any kind of business or non-governmental agency, whether it sells music, movies, cars, or computers, or raises money to preserve the environment, combat cancer, or save animals.”

My point isn’t that we’re blithely unaware of the manipulation we’re subjected to but, rather, that we are often aware of it and, powerless to act, this dissonance wears down our sense of self, the bed-rock of our personal identities, the deep source of authenticity and integrity.

In my studies of psychopath con-men (They’re almost invariably male.) and the people they hurt I noticed an odd constant: in most cases where the victim had something like a social network there were usually at least a couple of people who saw what was going on, who had a strong feeling that there was an outrage taking place. That sense (common sense?) was commonly depicted in words such as, “Anybody could tell, all you had to do was look at what was happening.” My point is that the victims of psychopaths’ manipulation seemed to lack a certain type of perceptivity, or had suspended that capacity. I’m suggesting that, in our daily lives, we’re so often twisted by those tensions that we become warped and eventually surrender … at some point we opt in and take the BluePill and immediately lose our mindfulness of Matrix.

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