March 26, 2007

Data, data everywhere

Filed under: ajax, data, praxis, semanticweb — bentrem @ 3:03 pm

In Dojo’s blog, “Planet Dojo” (see their “Summer of Code / Data Projects”) I came across Daniela Florescu’s “Managing Semi-Structured Data” … a new one for me.

And reading up on Leo Sauermann’s thinking about “Gnowsis” I found Dynamic Data Web Page, by Frederick Giasson.

Also of interest, google hacks:

  • GoogleSearch using API
  • Add search function to GReader; GreaseMonkey script for same. Also: Getting results right in GReader
  • Xenomachina: Easier Links with Google AJAX Search API
  • Slightly related: Dead simple way to download posts from

    Also, from Alex of Dojo: “Continuing Intermittent Incoherence“. And from Brendan Eich, “OpenWeb and its Adversaries

    Elsewise, Conversation With X/HTML 5 Team” (by Ian Hickson) and “Cool URIs for the Semantic Web” (by Leo Sauermann, Richard Cyganiak and Max Völkel).

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